Where does your story begin?

Our diamonds shine across the room.

We introduced lab-grown diamonds to Canada in 2015, and were the first jeweller to do so. 100% conflict free, ethical and sustainable, lab-grown diamonds are a perfect choice for beauty and value. If your heart is set on an ethically sourced earth mined diamond or moissanite, we supply these too, giving you the freedom to choose your perfect stone. Regardless of your choice we source our diamonds to offer incredible brilliance and beauty and flawless to the eye.


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Our Process

Illuminate & Discover (01)

Step One

At Lux Jewels, our custom jewelry process is a journey of illumination and discovery, where we prioritize your desires, preferences, and aspirations. Rather than starting with price tags, we take a unique approach that centers around your needs, wants, and lifestyle. Through engaging conversations, we delve into your story and build a relationship with you. Our goal is to awaken your creative spark and be transparent in sharing our expertise on diamonds and design, guiding you through the process while respecting your budget. Together, we explore endless possibilities and offer expert tips to transform your vision into reality, ensuring the integrity of the design so that you can cherish and wear it for a lifetime.

Inspire & Design (02)

Step Two

Once your dream is entrusted to us, enchantment takes hold. Just like finding “the one,” we believe in sourcing only the perfect diamond for you. We have established partnerships with mined diamond manufacturers and lab-grown diamond producers who share our commitment to honest, ethical, and environmentally responsible business practices, thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries. This enables us to present you with the best diamonds, boasting ideal cuts, proportions, and captivating brilliance that can light up a room.

Throughout the process, our design experts and skilled goldsmiths engage in comprehensive discussions about every element of your jewelry design. They collaborate to provide you with a detailed estimate, ensuring that the final piece is crafted using the highest quality recycled precious metals, conflict free diamonds or gemstones, and is perfectly aligned with your vision.

Pride & Craftsmanship (03)

Step Three

A meticulous journey of handcrafting your sustainable jewelry has begun. Our design team brings your vision to life through 3D renderings, providing you with an accurate depiction of your custom jewelry, which we then share with you.

With expert hands and discerning eyes, our skilled goldsmiths breathe life into your design with unmatched passion and precision. Their dedication to detail is
unwavering as they carefully shape and mold precious metals, setting each diamond to ensure secure placement and perfect alignment, maximizing its brilliance. Each stroke of the hammer, every twist of the file, and every delicate touch exemplifies their artistry honed over decades of experience.

Throughout the entire process, our goldsmiths take pride in their craftsmanship, treating each piece as a unique work of art. The result is a visually stunning piece that authentically reflects your individuality or that of your loved one.

Embrace & Cherish (04)

Step Four

The moment of revelation is here. We subject each piece to rigorous quality control, ensuring our unwavering commitment to excellence. With great care, we package and present your masterpiece, ready to be embraced. Open the box and be enchanted, for within lies a symbol of love, unity, and your extraordinary story.