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lab grown diamonds

Not all lab-grown diamonds are grown the same, there are four classifications one being Type IIa diamonds, which are over 99.95% carbon. They make up less than 2% of diamonds in the market because they’re considered to be the purest, this is why we sell Type IIa lab grown diamonds.

Our quality standard for lab grown diamonds is precisely the same as mined diamonds. We only partner with the most reputable diamond growers in the world who are committed to leaving a zero carbon footprint and stand behind their diamonds because some can have yellow, grey, brown or pink undertones. Regardless of what certificates state we will not hesitate to return a diamond that doesn’t pass the quality test we created as we learned.

Not only do we take the guesswork out of selecting diamonds by providing you with diamonds that have maximum brilliance, they also have the same physical composition as mined diamonds.

By choosing Lux Jewels sustainable lab-grown diamonds you can be confident that your engagement ring is true to your values. If you buy a one-carat diamond you help save 143 lbs. of carbon dioxide, 120 gallons of water, 250 tons of earth, and 2,011 ounces of air pollution.

Now doesn’t that feel good?


mined diamonds

At Lux Jewels, we believe in transparency which is why since 2007 we have only sold you ethically sourced diamonds that are approved by the Kimberly Process, traceable, and graded by reputable 3rd party organizations such as GIA or AGS.

Most people are misled by jewelers who focus on 3 of the 4 C’s and fail to tell you that the most important of these is the cut quality. Diamonds are meant to shine but not all diamonds are cut for ideal light reflection.

When it comes to round diamonds the certificate will tell you the quality of the cut is excellent, very good, good, etc., however, this is not the case for fancy shapes. When it comes to fancy shapes it’s all about proportions. This is very technical so make sure to work with a reputable jeweler to provide you with the best Vancouver jewelry.

The challenge is, a jeweler may have a good reputation but this doesn’t mean they’re reputable. Sadly the industry is filled with jewelers who will sell you what I call “bluff” diamonds.

What is a bluff diamond? A bluff diamond is one that has a certificate with it that says it’s one thing but the truth is the diamond is of lower quality. Jewelers do this because they make more money this way. This is where it gets tricky for you. One of the best ways to avoid getting misled is to buy GIA or AGS-certified diamonds. Sadly this may still not guarantee that you aren’t being screwed over as there are some really shady people in this industry putting GIA certificates with “bluff” stones. However, sticking to these certificates is fairly safe. Alternatively getting a gemologist of your choice, not the one the jeweler deals with, to look at the diamond is a good idea if you’re concerned.

At Lux Jewels, we ensure that our engagement rings Vancouver, wedding rings Vancouver, wedding bands Vancouver, and diamond rings Vancouver are made using only ethically sourced Vancouver diamonds with impeccable brilliance.


moissanite diamond

Moissanite is a very rare space crystal found naturally occurring only in meteorites, so the Moissanite available today is lab-created.

The Vancouver diamonds simulant, moissanite, is made of silicon carbide (50% silicon and 50% carbon), whereas a diamond is 100% carbon. Moissanite has superior optical properties and toughness; therefore it is one of the most desired synthetic diamond alternatives in the world.

Our custom rings Vancouver made using Moissanite coupled with earth mined diamonds or lab-grown diamond accents come together seamlessly because we’re impeccable with our craftsmanship and take pride in the Vancouver jewelry we provide.

Our different cuts —


Responsibly Crafted

At Lux Jewels we’re earth-conscious and we’re always looking for ways to maintain our mission to encourage transparency, sustainability, empathy and a more integral jewelry industry.

Engagement ring shopping is stressful which is why we take pride in guiding you through the process with compassion. We understand that our customers are unique and come from all walks of life, therefore we take the time to ensure the design process can capture your vision. Your dream custom engagement ring will be made with diamonds that are ethically sourced mined Vancouver diamonds, sustainable lab grown diamonds from Canada, and made using recycled precious metals.

Suman has carefully selected experts with over 60 years of combined experience. Each member of the team prides themselves on providing top quality service, a team that turns your vision into a beautiful final product sparkling with mined Vancouver diamonds, Canadian diamonds or lab grown diamonds Canada.

Consult with your jewelry concierge if you want your Vancouver jewelry engagement ring to be designed with the care it deserves.