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How much is my customer jewelry going to cost?

It is difficult for us to estimate how much a piece of jewelry is going to cost. Each custom creation starts with you and the idea you have in mind. Just like you are new to us, we are new to you. So we start with a consultation where we get to know you, understand your needs, wants, lifestyle and budget. With the fine details we gather, we’re able to give you an estimate.

Can you give me a quote?

Depending on what you are interested in custom making, we may be able to give you a quick idea of price. However, unlike other jewelers and jewelry stores, most pieces we create are custom made specially for you and require us to gather more information before we can give you a more refined estimate.

Can I come in and see some diamonds?

Lux Jewels is not your traditional brick and mortar therefore we don’t keep an inventory of diamonds and we aren’t going to push you to buy something we already have. All our customers are unique and we select the perfect diamond or gems for them based on their needs, wants and budget. We buy directly from the diamond manufacturers and growers, which means there is no middle man. Once we have selected your perfect diamond and you’re happy with it then we order it in. You can come in and see it.

I know nothing about diamonds, how do I ensure I don’t get ripped off?

Sadly people get ripped off all the time when buying diamonds. Don’t let this happen to you. We know things you will never read online and we’ll fill you in on what to watch out for. Whether you buy from us or not you will leave confident and able to make an informed decision.

I want to buy a cheap diamond?

We often hear people say, “I want to buy a cheap diamond”. The word diamond and cheap don’t go together. If you are shopping for cheap, you will surely be deceived. There are so many ways for jewelers to sell deceptive diamonds. If it’s too good to be true it usually is. Shop for a fair price.

What’s Lux Jewels diamond standards?

Like anything, diamond grading is subjective to the gemologist and grading company. Depending on the diamond whether mined or lab grown, where it is coming from and where it is being certified will depend on which certification we consider to be reputable. When you’re online doing a search for diamonds based on the 4C’s that look the same on paper, don’t you ever wonder why there is a vast difference in price? Two diamonds that are the same on paper can be very different in appearance. Lux Jewels takes out all the guesswork and ensures we only present the best diamonds to our customers. Diamonds that are ideal cuts and proportions and shine across a room.

What's the most important thing when buying a diamond?

Hands down the cut quality is the most important of the 4C’s when it comes to buying diamonds. When shopping one has to be careful when it comes to fancy shapes. A fancy shape diamond is any shape except a round, such as oval diamond, cushion cut diamond and princess cut diamond. When we select the perfect cut for fancy shaped diamonds we look at proportions based on the carat weight of the diamond.

When it comes to round diamonds many people are misled into believing that round brilliant diamonds are ideal cuts. This is not true. Round brilliant diamonds is just a term we use to describe a round diamond. A certificate will indicate EX for excellent cut or ID for ideal cut.

What’s the difference between a custom jewelry and custom designed jewelry?

Custom jewelry is jewelry that is made from scratch. We do specialize in this however what differentiates us from our competitors is we are designers that custom make jewelry with integrity. We don’t cut corners or sell you lower quality and this does not cost exceptionally more. We created jewelry to high standards so your jewelry will last a lifetime.

Is custom jewelry expensive?

No. In fact, Lux Jewels saves its customers money as compared to the finest brands in the world. We customize from scratch, we select the perfect diamond, design your jewelry, create a CAD (computer aided design), cut the wax model or hand fabricate, mold, cast into gold, silver or platinum, hand set all diamonds and gems, polish and clean.

How long does it take to make custom jewelry?

On average it takes 20 business days to custom make jewelry however this could be less or more depending on the complexity of the piece, how busy we are and if we’re able to get all materials in time. We can get ready-made items, such as men’s wedding bands, diamond
studs and tennis bracelets to a customer in as short as a few days.

What if the ring doesn’t fit him or her, can you adjust the size?

Yes we can. We understand that planning a surprise proposal sometimes means you don’t have the correct ring size.

We got my finger sized but when I received the ring, it was tight or loose?

This never used to be a big issue early on in our career and over the years it has become a common concern. Sadly the environment and foods have changed. So our hands and fingers fluctuate throughout the day because of various factors, such as temperature, certain foods and drinks. One of our clients proposed and went on to have a night of drinking champagne and eating rich foods. The next day the ring was fitting very tight. They thought it had to be resized and it didn’t need to be. Yes, sometimes the ring is too big or too tight. In some cases when it’s not that much bigger or smaller we recommend that you wear the ring for a week or two before considering resizing.

What is your warranty?

Lux jewel offers a limited guarantee. We are a boutique Jeweler therefore all custom orders are “special orders” and are a final sale. Lux rings are handcrafted by our master jewelers. We warrant your ring/jewelry against any defects in material and workmanship under normal use for three months from your date of purchase. If any defect(s) are found during this period, we will be glad to do the repair free of charge.

The Warranty will be void if the defect in any way:
(a) is caused by normal wear and tear or is otherwise due to normal aging arising from use;
(b) is attributable in whole or in part to use of the Lux jewelry outside of the intended uses prescribed by Lux;
(c) is attributable to repair, service or alteration performed by anyone other than a Lux representative;
(d) is attributable to accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling or contact with chemicals, fire, earthquake or other external causes;

Will you replace the diamond if it falls out?

If a jeweler offers to replace your diamond if it falls out please make sure to read the fine print. It’s a false security. The fact is we can’t control how people are with their hands as some people are harder on them then others, plus things happen. We strive to be the best we can be and to do the best we can do. Saying that we are human and because our diamonds are hand set, on occasion small accent diamonds have fallen out within a month or less of wearing a ring. In those cases we are happy to replace the diamond and do the repair with no cost to you.

How can I check if my diamond is loose?

It’s easy. All you have to do is hold the ring up to your ear and shake it a bit. If you hear a
rattling sound then the diamond is loose. We highly recommend you not wear the ring any longer and contact us right away so that we can repair the ring.

Do I need an appraisal?

Yes, if you would like to insure your jewelry. Depending on the value of your jewelry, some lesser valued pieces may be covered under your general home insurance so don’t require an appraisal.

We recommend appraisals for higher valued items such as engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants or tennis bracelets.

Why is my ring appraised for more than I paid?

Often engagement ring appraisals or other types of diamond appraisals reflect a value that is inflated – sometimes as much as double the retail purchase price – which allows insurance companies to increase the premium you pay to have your ring covered.

Our independent appraisals will always be based on fair market value at the time of appraisal. This means that the value can vary depending on the market. In rare cases it can be much lower so it is advisable to renew your appraisal every few years.

Sadly, often other jewelers inflate the value on the appraisals by double or more which gives the consumer a feeling that they got a great deal but now you end up paying more premium to insurance companies for coverage. Sometimes you’ve already over paid for the jewelry and the jeweler then has their appraiser inflate the value. In the end the jeweler and insurance companies win.

Are mined diamonds an investment?

This is a false perception. Just like a new car depreciates the minute you drive it off the lot, so do diamonds. If you want to sell your diamond you could lose 25 to 50% or more due to market fluctuations, the markup you paid depending on the jeweler, and decline in diamond prices. We had a customer come to us with a diamond ring they purchased elsewhere that they wanted to resell. The new appraisal value came in $20,000 less than what they paid and sadly the resale value was much less. Truth is we would have sold that same diamond for a lot less than what they paid.


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